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Time Served -

The Wendy Hatcher Story

Time Served by Wendy Hatcher is the inspiring story of a woman who left her hometown fishing village outside London to live as a new bride in the Mississippi Delta. It is an accurate account of how this little English lady from humble beginnings became a prison chaplain, endured many personal challenges, and dedicated her life to sharing her heart and love with broken people who needed hope and direction. She served as a Chaplain for over 30 years. The positive impact of her career and ministry had a major influence on every one from the warden to the most violent criminal. She convinced even those who had committed unspeakable crimes against humanity they could change. Her life is a living example of how putting Christ's love in action, being humble and repentant, can bring hope and peace to people in a downward spiral. The key takeaway from Wendy's inspiring book is how prison ministry changes lives, even in this tough and hostile environment. This is evident through her works. It is a must read! She regularly encountered difficulties, both with the angry inmates and with prison bureaucracy. Her unselfish devotion to those imprisoned earned her the name of "Ma" to the many she influenced. This book shows the power of God working through a Christian willing to serve Him in places where many fear to tread, and it reveals lives changed through her courageous efforts

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